Real California Dairy

Family Night

The “Happy Cows” are off the farm and into people’s homes where they’ll do just about anything to keep the family off their gizmos and gadgets during family night.

Rapping Cow

What would you do if you lived with a real California cow? Well, if I was 7 years old, I probably make a music video with my new housemate. It’s now the most viewed video in the brands history.

Tag: Find Your Way Home

You’re not just looking for a house, you’re looking for a place for your life to happen.


TV Spot

Bring Back Recess

Bring back recess was designed to remind and empower everyone – at work and at school – to take a short break for fun, physical exercise. These events took place at several locations across California.

The posters encouraged employees to attend the event in the week leading up to it. At the end there was a green screen where people could snap and share photos playing their favorite recess game.

Rapala Fishing Lures

CMYK Magazine 48

Tagline: As Real as Fake Gets

AD: Michael Griffith

Freckle Count

I am very pale. I also have lots of freckles. Only one of those things I can quantify.
As a young child I envisioned playing connect the dots with my freckles so I could count each and every one. This project is a child’s dream realized.


AD: Marc Andrew Stephens, CT: Jack Insoce


Tagline: Old school hockey.


Tagline: Always Your Teams Year

AD: Kevin Su

24 Hour Fitness

CMYK Magazine 44

AD: Lane Karczewski

The Art Beneath the Streets – A NYC Subway Photo story

A project for NY's Metro Transit Association to encouraging tourist to explore NY and use public transportation.

AD: Stuart Knowlan

  • subway-1-thumb
  • subway-2-thumb
  • subway-3-thumb
  • subway-4-thumb
  • subway-5-thumb


AD: Nate Blackburn

A Couple of Headlines

Campaign, no. Headlines, yes.